Things that used to matter, and maybe they still should.

High top sneakers and scrunchy socks

Good Humor trucks

The Fat Frogs sold by the Good Humor truck.

Getting a sip of Dad’s beer.

Colorforms (created in Jersey, by the way) šŸ™‚

When the street lights flickering on told us it was time to get our asses home.

The one friend with the nutty mother you sometimes wished was yours.

Lisa Frank

McDonald’s Halloween buckets (still haven’t been able to get my hands on the ghost).

Real Halloweens

McDonald’s stuffed Muppet Babies

When Happy Meal toys were cool

Hair crimpers

Amazing Stories (the show)

Dick Clark ringing in the New Year (before and after the stroke)

Exploring in the woods

Calamine lotion

Getting to Tyson in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out without cheater codes

Paying your older sibling to do your homework for you.

Bribing your older sibling to tell you what Mom got you for Christmas.

New crayons

New Trapper Keepers

Big New Kids on the Block buttons

Boy bands

Scholastic Book Fairs

Climbing trees

Break dancing on broken down cardboard boxes as if you were in the movie Breakin.

Skateboarding on abandoned tennis courts

Toilet papering trees on Mischief Night – until assholes took the mischief too far and ruined it for everyone else.

Grandma’s leftovers kept in empty Country Crock containers (or maybe that’s just me)

Your mother’s CorningWare with the little blue flowers

Staying home from school with chicken noodle soup, ginger ale, and Bob Barker

Faking sickness in order to stay home with soup, saltines, and The Price is Right

Making lists of all the things that used to matter.

Being overwhelmed by everything that still does


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