We’re not there, dude.

So at work I’ve been getting teased about going on a New Kids on the Block cruise. Guys, I get it. The average Gen X-er or Gen Z-er is going to look at a bunch of 40+  women and poke fun at their desperate attempt to cling to their youth by following a boy band. Hell, most people in the Blockhead community laugh at themselves most of the time. We are well aware that we’re never going to be young again. We are well aware that most of the cruise is an escape from reality. 

And we are goddamn thankful for that. We need it. We earn it. We deserve it. Anyone who says differently truly needs to reevaluate their own existence. Are you merely existing and basking in mundanity and routine, or are you embracing all of the joy this life has to offer? Because as we get older, this life feels more and more like it’s going to last another ten minutes if we’re lucky. It’s an exhaggeration and it sounds morbid as hell, but I’m here to say the things we all think but don’t say. Obviously, I don’t give two fox.  

When we try to convince ourselves that we have time, we’re making the world’s biggest mistake – because we don’t have the time we think we do.  

But going back to the whole teasing from a colleague thing. I don’t get how some people, especially people you merely work with, assume they have the kind of relationship with you that allows for witty sarcasm, teasing and bantering. I don’t want to sound like an uptight Karen or anything, but there are just some people you cannot see yourself having that kind of friendship with. That seems to go double for people at work. Sometimes you just want to show up, slay, get paid, and go home. When I’m at work my priority is my kids’ education and emotional and mental well-being. Aloha on the team-building nonsense, ladies and gentlemen. 

“So what’s next, a Boys II Men cruise?” followed by a serial killer chuckle. 

No, but I’ll let you know when the next Dahmer cruise sets sail. 

I love people. I love people. I really do love people. 


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